Need Appeals Lawyers In Philadelphia?

Losing a trial can seem devastating. One important thing to remember is that everyone involved in the legal system is human. Judges can make mistakes, as can juries and lawyers. If you believe that your case was improperly decided, an experienced attorney can evaluate the situation and the possibility of appeal.

At Weisberg Law, we handle a wide range of civil litigation as well as civil appeals. We frequently serve as primary counsel on appeals in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the state appeals courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We also collaborate with other attorneys to handle discrete parts of a given appeal such as evaluating the prospect of an appeal, presenting oral argument, filing post-argument motions or all of the above.

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Handling Many Types Of Civil Appeals In Pennsylvania And New Jersey

Succeeding at the appellate level requires an attorney with an eye for detail, as well as knowledge of intricate laws and the different procedures that are required in appeals courts. When our lawyers handle a case at the trial level, we make sure that any errors are put into the record. Having a record can provide grounds for an appeal later on and avoid a possible legal malpractice issue. When we appeal a case originally handled by another law firm, we closely scrutinize the trial record, the transcripts and all available documents. We look for errors that would provide valid grounds for appeal.

Our Philadelphia and New Jersey appeals lawyers handle state and federal appellate work involving:

  • Business disputes
  • Insurance denials
  • Mortgage foreclosure, construction defects and appeals arising from other types of real estate litigation
  • Employee-employer disputes, including employment discrimination
  • Legal malpractice litigation

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