We Hold Parties Accountable For Business Fraud

As experienced legal professionals dedicated to preserving the interests of businesses and small-business professionals, many of our core areas of practice are interwoven. Because we represent clients in areas involving consumer protection — such as protection from real estate fraud, mortgage fraud and other financial fraud — our familiarity with these issues enables us to provide diligent representation to small-business professionals encountering the same types of problems in their business operations.

Fraudulent misrepresentation and other types of business fraud can significantly interfere with the success and longevity of a business. If you or your business has fallen victim to fraudulent practices involving other sellers, real estate lenders, franchisers or other individuals, consult with our experienced Philadelphia business fraud lawyers at Weisberg Law. We are dedicated to providing sound legal advice and zealous representation in disputes arising from corporate or business fraud. Contact us for representation in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Recapture Losses Suffered From Business Fraud In New Jersey And Pennsylvania

Our business fraud practice focuses on recovering losses suffered by businesses or consumers in cases of fraud. In business fraud cases involving contract disputes, we pursue additional compensation for damages related to the anticipated profits lost as a result of a contract breach.

Weisberg Law effectively represents New Jersey and Pennsylvania professionals in business fraud cases, which frequently involve:

  • Fraudulent bookkeeping practices: Weisberg Law investigates claims involving "cooked books," accounting fraud, embezzlement or misappropriation of corporate funds. Our experience handling these complex financial issues enables us to trace financial origins and identify instances of intermixing corporate assets with personal assets, embezzlement of company funds or other asset mismanagement.
  • Insurance bad faith: Our attorneys seek specific performance of insurance contracts when an insurance company refuses to cover business losses from fire, flood, theft or other covered liabilities.
  • Intentional interference (tortious interference): We represent businesses that have lost business opportunities, repeat clientele and pivotal employees as a result of the interference of another business or individual. We handle claims involving interruption of business relationships/stealing clients, intentional interference with current contractual relationships or pending contract opportunities, stealing employees, breach of noncompete/exclusivity agreements and other intentional interference.
  • Breach of contract: While we have the experience to handle routine breach of contract disputes such as partnership disputes and lease disputes, we focus on handling contract disputes involving misrepresentations or false promises where nonperformance of the terms of the contract was intentional or fraudulent. A significant portion of our business fraud practice involves breach of contract claims involving failure to pay for or provide goods or services as promised.
  • Other fraudulent practices: We represent businesses that have suffered losses as a result of fraudulent lending/predatory lending, malicious or frivolous litigation, corporate directors' or officers' breach of fiduciary duty, and other business and commercial disputes.

Our business fraud practice also includes representing consumers who have fallen victim to the unscrupulous practices of businesses in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We represent consumers in business fraud cases involving malicious or frivolous claims/SLAPP claims (strategic lawsuits against public participation) and other business fraud.

Contact Our Springfield Area Attorney For Your Business Fraud Matters

For more information about our professional services or to protect your interests in a business fraud matter, schedule a consultation with a skilled trial lawyer at our firm. Call or contact a business fraud attorney at Weisberg Law in Philadelphia or Morton at 484-842-4030. We offer contingency fee representation regarding breach of contract and other business disputes.