Combating Police Brutality And Excessive Force

The rights guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution do not vanish upon arrest or conviction. In fact, constitutional protections should be at their strongest at such times. A variety of civil rights statutes and related laws also specifically protect the rights of people who are placed under arrest and those who are in prison.

If you feel you were victimized by excessive force or other forms of police brutality, you may be able to seek compensation in a lawsuit. At Weisberg Law, we are dedicated to holding police departments and officers accountable for civil rights violations. Our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers have extensive experience handling civil rights lawsuits and protecting the constitutional rights of people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Police Sometimes Go Too Far

Police are allowed to use force when making an arrest, but that force must be reasonable. When an officer's conduct crosses the line of reasonableness, that is called excessive force. The person being arrested can be injured as a result.

Victims of police brutality, including those who have suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, can file civil rights lawsuits. The vast majority of excessive force and police brutality lawsuits involve some degree of physical injury, but it is possible in some circumstances to make a claim involving emotional or psychological damage alone.

We are aggressive in pursuing compensation for clients, but we seek more than money. For our clients, holding police officers and departments accountable for civil rights violations is just as important.

Conducting Thorough Investigations

Police brutality cases are heavily dependent on facts. In other words, your claim is not like anyone else's. Everything that happened to you needs to be investigated and all the facts need to be brought forward. Our team will closely examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine if the officer's conduct was reasonable or may have crossed the line. We will obtain the written policies of the police department to see if they were violated in any way. If your civil rights were violated, we will pursue your case tirelessly.

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