Our Attorneys Can Stop Abusive Debt Collection

Trying to pay off debt is stressful enough. Enduring abusive debt collection tactics by creditors and debt collectors only adds more stress to an already difficult time. If you are being harassed by debt collectors, you need to know there are laws protecting you from such reprehensible behavior under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Collections harassment, such as abusive or harassing phone calls, messages or threats of wage garnishments, is against the law. You deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Otherwise, you may have a claim against the creditor or collection agency under the FDCPA. In some cases, consumers making an FDCPA claim are entitled to financial compensation.

Protecting Consumers From Abusive Debt Collection Practices

Weisberg Law is a consumer rights law firm focused exclusively on representing consumer victims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unlike other firms, we represent only consumers. We are true advocates who aggressively protect the rights of consumers from abusive debt collection practices. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your potential FDCPA claim with our Philadelphia abusive debt collection attorney.

What You Need To Do Right Now To Fight Creditor Abuse

If you are a victim of threats, harassing phone calls, letters and other intimidation tactics by creditors, there are steps you can take right now to help with your abusive debt collection claim. These steps include:

  • Keeping a record of all letters, notices and communications with the debt collector
  • Saving all emails and voice mails from the debt collector
  • Sending a letter disputing the debt collector's first notice within 30 days
  • For more information, see the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Our skilled consumer rights attorney can help you with all of this and act aggressively on your behalf.

Credit Card Fraud

Even if you have credit card debt, it does not mean creditors and credit agencies can take advantage of you with hidden fees, annual percentage rates and late charges as well as double-charging or charging for unauthorized items. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), you have rights that we can also protect.

Contact Our Pennsylvania Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Lawyer

You deserve dignity and respect. Do not wait any longer to seek relief from an experienced FDCPA lawyer. For specific advice and a free evaluation of your situation, contact a knowledgeable attorney at Weisberg Law in Philadelphia, Morton or Pennsauken.