Are You A Victim Of Auto Fraud Or Wrongful Repossession?

The car sales profession is the subject of countless jokes and has probably been so since the first "horseless carriages" were made available for sale. Plenty of honest and ethical car sales professionals exist out there, but the structure of the industry makes it all too easy for unethical salespeople to take advantage of unwary consumers.

At Weisberg Law, our entire law practice focuses on protecting consumers against fraudulent and illegal practices in the marketplace. We actively pursue auto fraud claims of all kinds and we keep up to date on popular scams. We represent clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we offer free initial consultations.

If you worry that you have been taken advantage of, either in a recent transaction or due to a wrongful repossession, contact a Pennsylvania auto fraud lawyer for information about your legal rights.

Common Types Of Auto Fraud — Protection From Wrongful Repossession From A Philadelphia Lawyer

The types of auto fraud being practiced at car lots around the country are limited only by the imaginations of the unethical businesspeople who develop and use these scams to take advantage of honest consumers. There are, however, common types of auto fraud that we have extensive experience with. These include:

  • Sales or loans involving cars with undisclosed damage from floods, fires or accidents
  • Bait and switch scams (misrepresentation at point of sale)
  • Bad faith warranty denials
  • Misrepresentation of warranty coverage
  • Misrepresentation of a rental or demo vehicle as new
  • Hiding defects in a vehicle by selling "as is"
  • Yo-yo or spot delivery (wrongful repossession of the vehicle after misrepresentation of financing)
  • Failure to provide vehicle title

Victim Of Auto Fraud?

Act quickly to protect your legal rights if you suspect you are the victim of auto fraud. In successful cases, we will be able to recover double or triple the money you actually lost because Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws come down hard on auto fraud. In successful cases, we will also be able to collect our attorney fees from the at-fault party.

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