Class Actions Protect All Consumers

Big companies always looking for more profits often engage in activities that hurt the very consumers on whom they depend. Fraud and abusive practices are widespread in many industries, harming consumers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and across the nation. Many of these companies think they can get away with it because the harm to individual consumers may not be very high.

Standing Up For The Rights Of Consumers

Fortunately, the law provides a mechanism for consumers to come together, with the help of skilled attorneys, to file lawsuits holding businesses accountable for their actions. That mechanism is called a class action. At Weisberg Law, we are powerful advocates for consumers across the country. We handle class action lawsuits on behalf of clients throughout the nation. Contact our law firm for more information today.

Handling Many Types Of Class Actions

Our Philadelphia consumer class action lawyers have the experience, financial resources and certifications needed to act as lead counsel in statewide and nationwide lawsuits. We encourage you to contact our law firm if you are concerned about deceptive or abusive business practices related to:

  • Real estate
  • Financial services
  • The insurance industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Mortgages or predatory lending (unlawful fees, unlawful foreclosures)
  • Utility companies (initiating unauthorized services, assessing unfair fees)
  • Manufacturers of consumer products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automobiles

Resolutions For Workplace Collective Actions

If you are an employee who has been discriminated against and you have noticed a pattern of discrimination at your company, there may be a basis for a collective action. A collective action, while similar to a class action, is restricted to the employees of a given company. Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to talk to you about potential collective actions involving discrimination, compensation issues and other employment law topics.

Contact A Pennsylvania And New Jersey Consumer Fraud Lawyer

If you believe your rights as a consumer were violated, our attorneys are ready to meet and evaluate your potential claim. Please call 484-842-4030 or toll free 866-570-6945. You can also contact our law firm online.

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