We Believe In The Need For Consumer Protection

At the Greater Philadelphia law firm Weisberg Law, our lawyers advise and represent consumers and employees on a wide range of issues relating to fraud, abuse and unfair treatment at work and in the marketplace. Aside from our consumer fraud and protection focus, we also devote a portion of our practice to unfair debt collection practices, civil rights and employment discrimination issues, and bad faith insurance practices.

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Our Consumer Protection And Fraud Practice — Serving Victims In Pennsylvania And New Jersey

Specific examples of our Philadelphia consumer protection attorney's work on behalf of our clients include:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, including credit reporting errors
  • Abusive debt collection claims
  • Claims for misleading or ineffective warranties on consumer products (such as appliances, computers or televisions)
  • Insurance bad faith, including unreasonable refusal to accept defense or cover a claim by an insurance company
  • Illegal retaliation against an employee for reporting unsafe or unlawful conduct on the job ("whistleblower")
  • Employment/workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, disability or other prohibited grounds
  • Civil rights claims involving police brutality, false arrest or malicious prosecution
  • Claims for predatory lending practices in mortgage financing or refinancing
  • Construction defect and warranty claims in new residential construction or remodeling projects
  • Business fraud claims
  • Auto fraud and wrongful repossession, including warranty and material nondisclosure claims in the sale of new or used cars
  • Sales and loans involving cars with undisclosed damage from floods, fires or accidents
  • Foreclosure rescue scams
  • Identity theft credit damage

Founding partner Matthew Weisberg is a frequent speaker and author on consumer protection and fraud issues in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He also appears regularly on "The Real Estate Connection," a cable television program focused on the Delaware Valley residential real estate market.

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