Denied Insurance Benefits? Our Lawyers Can Help You

Are you struggling with an insurance claim denial? Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims or failing to accurately consider claims for benefits owed. At Weisberg Law, our practice is centered on protection from business and consumer fraud. We are dedicated to serving the interests of those who are victimized, vulnerable or at risk. Companies practicing insurance bad faith not only place our clients at risk, but they are in breach of their contracts with their customers. We represent individuals and business professionals in claims against insurance companies for wrongfully denied insurance benefits and bad faith insurance practices.

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Injury, Fire, Death, Business Loss ...

Whether purchased because it is required by law or because you chose to provide additional protection for your family or personal assets, you expect that if it is ever necessary, your insurance coverage will provide adequate benefits within the limits of the policy. When you are denied insurance benefits or when there are unreasonable delays in the processing of your claim, an experienced attorney can assert your rights if an insurance company refuses to act in good faith under the terms of your contract.

At Weisberg Law, our consumer rights attorneys handle insurance bad faith cases involving denied disability claims and other denied insurance claims such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Long- or short-term disability insurance
  • Homeowners insurance/property damage (fire, flood, theft)

Unfortunately, insurance companies make profits by collecting premiums for coverage that is never fully used. With their focus on preserving their own interests before the insured's, insurance companies may fail to investigate claims promptly and thoroughly, resulting in unreasonable delays in paying claims and wrongful denial of legitimate claims. Insurance companies may fail to settle claims or fail to provide coverage rightfully owed simply because many people give up without speaking to an attorney first — and the claim goes away. Our lawyers make a point of holding insurance companies to their obligations under the policies they write.

Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits?

We will help. Our lawyers understand that lack of communication from the insurance company can be frustrating, especially when you are facing a crisis. Our law firm guarantees close communication and accessibility with our lawyers throughout your case, including guaranteed response to questions about your case within 24 hours.

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