How Do I Know If My Lawyer Committed Malpractice?

At Weisberg Law, we hold ourselves to the high standards set by the legal community. If your previous lawyer failed to do so, you may be able to recover in a legal malpractice lawsuit. Yet it can be difficult to know when your previous lawyer may have committed malpractice.

Below you will find more information that can help you determine if your lawyer may have committed malpractice. However, it is not legal advice or a legal opinion of your situation. If you have questions about pursuing a legal malpractice case, contact our experienced lawyers at 484-842-4030 or toll free at 866-570-6945. We represent clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we have convenient offices in Philadelphia and Morton.

If you would like further information on legal malpractice, read on.

What You Need To Prove In A Legal Malpractice Case

You must show these four elements to be successful in a legal malpractice case:

  • Your previous lawyer had a duty to you (you hired him or her).
  • Your previous lawyer failed to live up to that duty (she or he was negligent).
  • That failure caused you financial harm.
  • You would have had a successful result if your lawyer had fulfilled his or her duty.

Legal Malpractice Cases Can Be Complex

There is more to a legal malpractice case than showing that your previous attorney was negligent. In addition, you must show that your underlying case, meaning the case you lost, would have had a successful outcome if your previous lawyer had not been negligent. This is often referred to as the "case within a case," because you essentially must prove that you would have won your first case with competent legal representation.

This can make legal malpractice cases complex and difficult to prove.

A Bad Outcome Is Not Always Malpractice

It is important to note that it is not legal malpractice if you did not get the result you feel you deserved. Many things can occur during the course of a lawsuit that can impact the case. Even if your previous attorney made a mistake, it may not be enough to make a lawsuit against that attorney worthwhile.

Your attorney has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to provide competent representation. If you believe your previous lawyer failed to live up to his or her end of the bargain, contact Weisberg Law at 484-842-4030 or toll free 866-570-6945. You can also reach us online here.