Wrongful Use Of Civil Proceedings/Abuse Of Process

The law prohibits abuse of the court system, including wrongful use of civil proceedings. When a party makes a malicious claim, frivolous lawsuit or false accusation, this is a misuse of legal procedures and our court systems.

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Experienced Representation Against SLAPP Claims And Frivolous Lawsuits

Weisberg Law represents clients in wrongful use of civil proceedings or abuse of process claims. Particularly, we represent consumers in business fraud cases involving malicious or frivolous claims/SLAPP claims (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). These lawsuits are meant to intimidate or threaten another party by burdening the party with the costs of a frivolous lawsuit. For example, a corporation can file a defamation claim against individuals for making claims against the corporation. The additional time, attorneys fees, and punitive and emotional damages suffered can be compensated if abuse of process is found.

If you are a victim of wrongful use of civil proceedings, discuss your case with our experienced Philadelphia civil proceedings lawyer. Our consumer protection practice includes helping people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can call us toll free at 866-570-6945 or contact us online.

Wrongful Use Of Civil Proceedings

When a party crosses the line with a frivolous lawsuit or SLAPP claim, we will be there to immediately fight back with a claim of our own. Corporations and creditors cannot just bring lawsuits without legal authority in an attempt to threaten or scare off debtors and other individuals. In essence, you can sue the other party for suing you due to the party's wrongful use of civil proceedings. All claims in civil proceedings must be made in good faith. Parties are severely reprimanded if they are found to be abusing the system and the civil court system's process.

There are also ethical implications involving attorneys who knowingly file frivolous claims. At Weisberg Law, we are skilled and experienced with interdisciplinary/ethical violation claims against attorneys and can help you with those.

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