Our Attorneys Are On The Homeowners' Side

The subprime mortgage financing crisis has caused severe consequences for homeowners, resulting in an increase in foreclosures in both eastern-central Pennsylvania and central-southern New Jersey. Many borrowers have missed mortgage payments and received default and foreclosure notices.

If you are facing foreclosure or a sheriff's sale, bankruptcy may be ineffective for preventing the loss of your home. The attorneys at Weisberg Law will be able to help.

Stop, Delay, Prevent Or Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

At Weisberg Law, our lawyers use their experience with the mortgage lending industry and understanding of the residential real estate market to help clients resolve mortgage foreclosure problems without the need to file for bankruptcy relief. Call 484-842-4030 to learn how we can provide a defense against actions for ejectment or eviction even after a sheriff's sale or tax sale, while we work toward solutions that can modify your mortgage or restore your homeownership.

Providing Proven Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Our tactical mortgage foreclosure defense strategy is twofold:

Intervention: Prevent, stop, delay or reverse foreclosure. First, we will intervene on your behalf to defend you in mortgage foreclosure proceedings, reverse a sheriff's sale or, in necessary cases, reopen default judgments. Our goal is to interrupt or stop the process of losing your house.

Long-term solutions: Preserve your financial interests. We will use our comprehensive knowledge of real estate law, sound mortgage lending practices and residential real estate markets to find the best long-term solution for your specific circumstances. This might include one or more of the following:

  • Extend the time in which you can sell your house for what it is worth
  • Present counterclaims or affirmative actions for predatory lending
  • Eliminate excessive fees merged into default judgments
  • Negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Obtain a mortgage modification agreement or forbearance agreement
  • Preserve your equity

Stop Evictions. Save Your Home. Protect Your Equity.

Our long-term strategies focus on working out solutions with the lender, but even a delay in foreclosure can help our clients by giving them the opportunity to recover the equity in their homes.

Unlike bankruptcy, our solutions can be effective either before or even after a sheriff's foreclosure or tax sale (generally the final stage of a mortgage foreclosure or tax enforcement case prior to an action for eviction or ejectment). The sooner you contact us, however, the broader the range of potential solutions you are likely to have.

For a free consultation about our ability to provide an effective mortgage foreclosure defense in your situation, contact one of our attorneys at Weisberg Law at any of our offices in Philadelphia or Morton, Pennsylvania, or Pennsauken, New Jersey. We offer mortgage foreclosure defense services for a reasonable flat fee. Call 484-842-4030 today to get started.