We Hold Lenders Accountable For Their Actions

At Weisberg Law, our lawyers help consumers recover damages for losses caused by the wrongdoing of a lender in such cases as fraud in an auto purchase, predatory mortgage lending practices or illegal kickbacks in student loans.

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Litigation Of Predatory Lending (Mortgage Fraud) And Auto Fraud Claims In Pennsylvania And New Jersey

The following are recurrent examples of lender wrongdoing that can result in liability under Pennsylvania, New Jersey or federal law:

  • Sales and loans involving vehicles with undisclosed damage from floods, fires or accidents
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest in mortgage loans, student loans or other consumer lending transactions
  • Excessive interest, late fees or other charges in payday loans
  • Misapplication of payments to the disadvantage of the borrower
  • Unlawful self-help measures by lenders following default in repossessing autos or breaking into homes secured by mortgages
  • Miscalculation of balances owed in consumer loan transactions
  • Abuse of process in mortgage or auto loan foreclosure proceedings
  • Improper liquidation of repossessed collateral so that the borrower owes an unnecessarily high deficiency
  • Foreclosure rescue scams (deed or title theft)

The defendant in lender liability litigation might be a bank, a credit union, a mortgage broker or servicing company, the assignee of a student loan, or an auto dealer's financing affiliate. Our experience with the full range of unfair and illegal lending and collection practices can help ensure that the right parties are held accountable for your losses under the right statutes.

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