Real Estate Fraud Never Disappears

While real estate fraud has been a problem for buyers for as long as interests in property have been bought and sold, difficult market conditions can result in a spike in dishonest conduct in purchases of all kinds.

If you think that you have been victimized in a real estate transaction, contact Weisberg Law for a free consultation about your legal alternatives in any case of suspected fraud. We are a consumer protection law firm serving clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Experienced Advocacy For Victims Of Real Estate Fraud

Our lawyers know how to analyze troubled real estate transactions to see whether you had the right to rely on the information given to you by a seller, mortgage broker, builder or remodeling contractor. Sometimes your rights will depend on whether the other party had a duty to disclose information that would have been difficult or impossible to discover yourself through ordinary effort. The level of diligence required on your own part can vary depending on your status as a consumer or a business.

We know how to apply the laws of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey to classic real estate and construction fraud situations.

Common Types Of Real Estate Fraud

  • Fraud as to the value of real estate (inflated appraisals)
  • Concealment of mortgage terms involving balloon payments, prepayment penalties or adjustable rates (mortgage fraud)
  • Material misrepresentation (failure to disclose property defects)
  • Failure to disclose title issues (including liens, judgments, easements or the claims of former spouses)
  • Foreclosure rescue scams

Common Types Of Construction Defect And Construction Fraud Claims

  • Misrepresentation of the extent of defective conditions and the cost of repair
  • Concealment of pre-existing defects in the building or grounds
  • A builder's failure to complete a "punch list"
  • Negligent or inadequate home inspections
  • Dishonoring warranties

Selecting Solvent Defendants In Real Estate Fraud Cases

Our experience with consumer protection litigation of all kinds has familiarized our attorneys with the applicable laws in a wide range of real estate fraud situations. Our experience also allows us to make sophisticated strategic decisions about which specific claims to emphasize in any given case. We pay close attention to your practical ability to collect on a judgment or settlement by making sure that your claims are presented against a solvent defendant whose assets we can reach.

Aggressive Legal Help With Your Case

To learn more about your legal alternatives in any real estate fraud case, contact a skilled trial lawyer at Weisberg Law in Philadelphia, Morton or Pennsauken.