We Protect Our Clients' Interests In Real Estate Litigation

For most people, purchasing or selling their home is a significant undertaking. It is likely the biggest investment you have ever made. So what happens when a real estate closing goes awry? How can you ensure that your interests are fully protected?

At the law offices of Weisberg Law, our attorneys provide experienced and knowledgeable legal services to clients involved in real estate disputes in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. For a free consultation, contact Weisberg Law at any of our three Pennsylvania and New Jersey offices.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation Services:

Our Philadelphia firm focuses on protecting the rights of individuals. Therefore, we aggressively assert our clients' interests in the following typical real estate disputes:

  • Real estate contract disputes: We help clients enforce their rights under a purchase agreement (agreement of sale) and other real estate agreements, such as broker agreements. These cases frequently involve a broken promise (commitment to buy property) or misrepresentation (concealing details at the point of sale).
  • Mortgage foreclosures: We advocate for the interests of homeowners facing foreclosure. We help clients stop, delay, reverse or avoid foreclosure and determine other options for moving forward.
  • Construction defects: We represent homeowners who have suffered due to defective construction or been wrongfully denied warranty or insurance coverage
  • Title disputes: We represent consumers in all types of title disputes, such as disputes over boundary lines or easements, right of title, title defects and other title issues
  • Real estate fraud claims: We represent individuals who have fallen victim to fraud with respect to a purchase, mortgage or refinance transaction
  • Other real estate litigation: Our firm handles all other types of real estate disputes that arise, such as commercial lease disputes, condominium association disagreements, quiet title cases, adverse possession matters and other real estate litigation

Our attorneys are experienced with all facets of real estate law and litigation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our ability to analyze your situation in both legal and business terms will often lead to an effective solution well before trial.

Questions About Your Real Estate Litigation Issue? Call Us.

We also emphasize close contact with our clients so that you will never need to guess about the status of your case, the timing of a motion, or the progress of settlement negotiations. Our firm strictly applies a 24-hour response policy for all client inquiries.

To learn more about your legal options in any residential or commercial real estate dispute, contact an experienced litigation attorney at Weisberg Law in Philadelphia, Morton or Pennsauken.