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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

You may hear about them in the news. A class action may be filed, settled or a verdict has been decided and because so many are impacted, or the defendant so well known, the lawsuit has gotten public attention. Most class action lawsuits don't get media attention but that doesn't mean that they're not potentially very powerful tools for people and businesses who have been harmed by a defendant.

Putting Capital into Your Business Partnership

Businesses can't just run on effort alone. They need money to survive and to be invested so the enterprise can grow in the future. Money can be raised in many ways, including going into debt or finding investors. When a partnership is involved there are many issues that can come up when a partner puts money into the business.

Stages of the Attorney Disciplinary Process

There's a process that covers the possible discipline of attorneys in Pennsylvania because they broke ethical rules of professional conduct. Given that attorneys are the ones possibly being disciplined it should come as no surprise the process is not simple. There are also opportunities for the attorney to appeal disciplinary decisions. This process is to possibly subject the attorney to professional discipline up to disbarment. It's not a legal malpractice lawsuit or trial.

What Happens When a Client Disputes My Attorney's Fees?

If your client has a problem with the fees you are charging or is demanding financial compensation from you, this matter should be taken very seriously. How to approach the way you should be compensated can make the difference between finding a solution and having a complaint filed against you or you could wind up in court. There are different ways to approach the problem. We are here to help you with this situation and can sit with you behind the scenes to work this out, and also represent you should the need arises.

How Do We Form a Partnership?

It's very easy and if you're in business with another person, you may, under the law, be acting as partners without realizing it. A partnership is one of many legal entities a business can operate under. It's a legal entity that could be created simply by the actions of the parties without those involved intending it to be created and without a written agreement or even a handshake.

Your Rights as a Whistleblower

What is a whistleblower? A whistleblower is an employee who does the right thing, stands up and in good faith lets management, a government agency or the press know that something unethical or illegal may be going on. Hopefully in most instances good things happen as a result. Perhaps the person didn't know the whole picture, misunderstood something or management changed its course to be more ethical or comply with the law.

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