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More trouble for Wells Fargo: Alleged brokerage consumer abuses

A Massachusetts regulator is investigating whether employees of Wells Fargo & Co.'s brokerage division violated securities regulations and abused consumers' trust. Federal investigators may also be pursuing the question.

Whistleblower: Wells Fargo closes accounts of fraud victims

A former fraud investigator for Wells Fargo claims that the mega bank hasn't been living up to its legal responsibility to investigate signs of fraud on customers' accounts. Instead, it simply closes those accounts to avoid the time and expense of investigating. Wells Fargo is reviewing the allegations -- and a federal regulator is investigating.

Changes being made at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Since its creation in 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been working to protect consumers' interests in the financial sector. Its new director has been making apparently substantial changes.

Prohibited debt collection tactics

Nowadays, if you fall behind on your credit card payments, you can expect to hear from someone about it. When credit card accounts fall too far behind, the debt is often sold by the credit card company to a debt collection agency for a fraction of the total amount. The debt collection agency then typically comes after you in an effort to reclaim the debt, but they may only lawfully do so using certain methods.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

You may hear about them in the news. A class action may be filed, settled or a verdict has been decided and because so many are impacted, or the defendant so well known, the lawsuit has gotten public attention. Most class action lawsuits don't get media attention but that doesn't mean that they're not potentially very powerful tools for people and businesses who have been harmed by a defendant.

3 ways to manage your credit card debt

Managing credit card debt is a fact of life for most Americans. As a nation, our credit card debt is only exceeded by our student loan debt. During uncertain economic times, these resources can be a lifesaver. The hard part happens when things begin t o swing back upward and it comes time to pay them off. Luckily, there are some proven strategies that can help you get that debt under control and on its way to paid off.

Commercial bad faith insurance hurts businesses

Business owners who have suffered from flood, fire, theft or another type of liability often turn to their insurance provider to help see them through the difficult times. Insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind when the unexpected happens. Sadly, many insurers can cause business owners unneeded stress and anxiety by denying or delaying otherwise legitimate claims. Here's a look at just a few bad faith tactics some insurers may try to use against small business owners.

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