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Whistleblower: Walmart cut corners for market share and fired me

A former Walmart business development director has filed a federal lawsuit against the retail giant. He claims that Walmart betrayed founder Sam Walton's principles of honesty and integrity -- and may have violated the law -- by pushing for "meteoric growth" in their e-commerce business. When the executive pointed out the wrongdoing, he says, he was fired.

Your Rights as a Whistleblower

What is a whistleblower? A whistleblower is an employee who does the right thing, stands up and in good faith lets management, a government agency or the press know that something unethical or illegal may be going on. Hopefully in most instances good things happen as a result. Perhaps the person didn't know the whole picture, misunderstood something or management changed its course to be more ethical or comply with the law.

I'm Being Investigated at Work. What Should I Do?

When you are being investigated at work, how you should respond depends on why you are invovled. You may be investigated for possible criminal law violations, civil law or company policy violations. While a criminal law violation may result in jail time if you're accused of breaking a company policy you potentially may be disciplined including losing your job.

What Should I Do About Being Sexually Harassed at Work?

There's no reason anyone should be subjected to sexual harassment. It's a sick exercise of dominance, or attempted dominance, over another person. Employees should focus on their work, improving themselves and their employer. There's no place for sexual harassment in a workplace. Unfortunately it happens all the time.

What counts as an FMLA violation?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an important piece of federal legislation that ensures employees who must take time off from work for family or medical reasons will still have a job waiting for them when they return. The FMLA is one of the key laws protecting employees' rights. However, FMLA violations can and do happen, either because employers are unaware of their legal obligations or because they wilfully violate the law. Below is a look at a few examples of when employees may be able to file a claim against their employers under the FMLA.

Known Disabilities Must Be Accommodated

Canteen Corp. v. Pennsylvania, 814 A.2d 805, (Pa. Commonwealth) is an employment discrimination suit. Here, the employer violated the Human Relations Act because the employer failed to accommodate an employee's disability. The Defendant appealed the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission's decision; however, the decision was affirmed by the court. 

Title VII Extends to Third-Parties

In Thompson v. North American Stainless, the Court held that third-party retaliation claims are permitted under Title VII of the Civil Rights act. In this action, Thompson's fiancé filed a sex discrimination charge against North American Stainless (NAS). After Thompson's fiancé filed the charge, NAS promptly fired Thompson. 

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