We Hold Businesses And Sellers Accountable For Misrepresentations

In business purchases and sales, fraudulent misrepresentations about the value or reputation of the business can have a significant impact on the decision to move forward with the transaction. We pursue business fraud and defamation claims for individuals, businesses and professionals who have suffered losses as a result of a seller's misrepresentations.

Were You Harmed By Another's Material Misrepresentations?

Under the law, if a misrepresentation is material to a transaction, was known to be false and was made to induce the other party to act, and you relied on that misrepresentation to your detriment, then you may have a claim for fraudulent misrepresentation.

At Weisberg Law, we can thoroughly analyze the facts and circumstances of your case. We will provide a clear, honest and informed appraisal of your legal options and potential next steps. Your initial consultation is free, as we would like to better understand your situation and how we can help. If we cannot do anything for you, it costs you nothing to meet with us.

A Philadelphia Attorney Who Excels At Litigation

We have helped businesses and individuals with misrepresentation claims regarding:

  • Overvaluing a business
  • Concealing debts and undervaluing liabilities
  • Concealing litigation against a business
  • Intentionally libeling or slandering a business after the sale
  • Failing to deliver a business as promised

Our founder, Matthew Weisberg, is a veteran lawyer who has successfully litigated numerous business claims involving fraud and misrepresentation. He is capable at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. He is an aggressive advocate who will always stand up for your rights.

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