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How to tell if a police officer committed false imprisonment

Police officers are supposed to keep Pennsylvania residents safe from crime, but they must also respect the rights of all civilians. Part of police duty is to make sure arrests are lawful and free from any abuse of their authority.

Law enforcement is subject to many federal rules regarding arrests, but individual officers – or even entire departments – are prone to violating these laws. Arrests without proper care and legal justification are a form of false imprisonment. But how can a resident tell the difference between fair detention and false arrest?

What are your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, enacted in 1970, is an example of complex federal legislation. Its main function, however, is to regulate the way the consumer reporting agencies use information about you.

The FCRA gives you certain rights as a consumer. You can obtain your own information from the consumer reporting agencies, for example, or give your consent before an agency provides your personal information to other parties.

Remedy for violations of debt collection laws

In Pennsylvania and nationally, there are many laws that a debt collector must follow for the protection of the debtor. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is one such law on the federal level.

Debtor victims of unfair practices may make complaints of violations to the Federal Trade Commission, which may decide to take action against the violator. A debtor can also report the transgression to his or her state Attorney General’s office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, those actions may be too little or too late to help a particular debtor who is being unfairly treated.

Understanding the Lemon Law in Pennsylvania

When you are shopping for a used car, it might be your worst fear that you buy a vehicle and it breaks down a week later. This is not an unreasonable fear. When you see a deal that seems too good to be true, it very well may be.

In Pennsylvania, however, the Automobile Lemon Law protects buyers from dealerships that would gladly sell a halfway-working car. There are a few important things that every car shopper should know about these provisions.

If You are an Attorney Accused of Stealing Funds

When you are practicing law here in Pennsylvania, it is critical that you correctly and ethically manage your own financial accounts as well as those of your clients. This includes how you handle paying bills for your firm as well as those that are entrusted to you. In addition to the management of those accounts, clear transparent records are essential in case your actions are called into question.

Tax Assessment Appeal

You may be paying several thousand dollars a year in property taxes. You may be paying so much because mistakes have been made in the assessment process. If you appeal your assessment to correct the mistakes and/or to lower the assessed value of your real estate you may save thousands of dollars in reduced taxes in the long run.

Have an Exit Strategy for Your Business Partnership

It's said only two things are certain, death and taxes. Business partnerships, not so much. They are like marriages so they may last a lifetime or they may break up in less than a year. Though they start with the best of intentions and excitement for the future, they can end in circumstances that are not so positive.

Does Your Lawyer Have Conflicting Interests In Your Case?

An attorney has an ethical obligation to his or her client to represent his or her interests, and zealously defend their legal rights. Part of the many obligations that comes with practicing law are limits on potential conflicts of interests. Your attorney should be focused on you only, not taking your case or working on it in a way that helps others or in a way that improperly enriches him or herself.

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