Foreclosure Rescue Scams Have Not Gone Away

Any type of fraud or scam is an unforgivable breach of the trust between businesses and consumers. In our opinion, foreclosure rescue scams are especially underhanded, because they take advantage of one of humankind's most basic fears — the fear of having nowhere to live.

Avoid Loan Modification Scams — Helping Philadelphia Area Victims

At Weisberg Law, we focus our practice on seeking vindication for consumers who have been victims of consumer fraud or other unlawful business practices. We have extensive experience representing clients who were victimized by foreclosure rescue scams. In successful legal actions, we are able to completely undo the fraudulent transaction. We get the home returned to our client, we get the title and mortgage restored to our client's name, and we get our own fees paid by the at-fault parties.

If you suspect that you have been victimized by a loan modification scam or a foreclosure rescue scam, contact our law office to consult with a New Jersey and Pennsylvania foreclosure rescue scam lawyer.

What Do Foreclosure Rescue Scams Look Like?

Sometimes called "bailout schemes," foreclosure rescue scams generally follow a standard pattern. A mortgage broker approaches a homeowner who is either in foreclosure or threatened by foreclosure proceedings and offers refinancing to get the homeowner out of foreclosure. The refinancing is accomplished via buyback — the homeowner sells the property to a straw buyer, who agrees to hold the property for a year and then sell it back to the original owner.

The fraud occurs when the straw buyer never pays the new mortgage as promised, resulting in a second foreclosure on the property in the original homeowner's name. The mortgage broker steals the equity as broker fees and the straw buyer disappears with the property. The homeowner is left with no title to the property and facing two foreclosures.

We Aggressively Pursue Justice In Foreclosure Rescue Scams

If you have been victimized by a foreclosure rescue scam, the last thing you should be is embarrassed. These types of schemes are sweeping the nation, and you are not alone.

Instead, you should be angry — and you should get in touch with a lawyer who knows how to get justice and get the fraudulent transaction undone. Contact Weisberg Law to schedule an appointment. We have offices in Philadelphia, Morton and Pennsauken.