Have You Been Victimized By Predatory Lending?

Just as our consumer protection attorneys can help homeowners protect their interests in defense of mortgage foreclosure proceedings, we can also assert affirmative claims for damages in cases of predatory lending even when your mortgage is in default or you are threatened with a sheriff's sale.

To learn more about our ability to identify and pursue claims for mortgage fraud under any number of state and federal statutes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, contact an experienced lawyer at Weisberg Law in Pennsauken, Morton or Philadelphia.

Predatory Lending Claims In Pennsylvania And New Jersey

We offer free case evaluations and 24-hour client inquiry responses in predatory lending cases that involve such facts as:

  • Repeated refinancing that serves mainly to generate fees for the lender or broker while stripping you of your equity in your home
  • Abusive prepayment penalty terms that cover periods beyond three years or that cost more than six months' interest
  • Marketing practices targeted to low-income, minority, immigrant or elderly borrowers with no practical ability to fulfill mortgage terms and repay
  • False or inflated appraisals designed to overstate the value of the property securing the mortgage loan
  • Inducing borrowers to falsify information on loan applications
  • Steering borrowers into high-interest subprime mortgages when they would qualify for conventional financing on better terms
  • Foreclosure rescue scams (deed or title theft)

The defendants in a predatory lending lawsuit might include the lender, the servicer, a mortgage broker or brokerage, a title agent or agency, or an appraiser. Our experience with the mortgage industry and the real estate markets of Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey helps us identify with precision which state or federal claims will apply best to your particular situation.

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