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What Can We Do If Our Mortgage Company is Trying to Throw Us Out of Our House

If you're being threatened with foreclosure contact our office. We may be able to help. Helping homeowners facing possible foreclosure and loss of their house is one of the services we provide to our clients. While talking to us is one thing you should do, there are some things you shouldn't do,

  • Don't ignore the problem and hope it goes away. If you've been served with any kind of notice of foreclosure or legal papers you need to act. Not doing anything and being defaulted in a foreclosure action may result in getting on the fast track to losing your home.

  • Don't just give up and walk away without at least learning about what your options might be.

Though there is no guarantee our help will prevent a foreclosure or ejectment (the legal process to get you physically removed from the property) contacting us will be worth the time and effort. Depending on the circumstances and if we take your case,

  • We can intervene for you, protect your legal rights, and defend your interests in mortgage foreclosure proceedings,

  • We may be able to reverse a sheriff's sale and, when necessary, reopen a default judgment.

  • We can try to at least put a temporary stop to the process of losing your home.

For the long run we can try to protect your financial interest in the property. We may be able to,

  • Extend the legal process and give you more time to sell your house at a fair price and find other housing,

  • Make counterclaims or present affirmative defenses against a predatory lender,

  • Remove illegal, excessive fees which can be inserted into default judgments,

  • Negotiate with the lender so it will get the property deed and you will avoid a foreclosure,

  • Modify the mortgage or enter into a forbearance agreement, and

  • Preserve the equity in your house.

In addition to ignoring the problem another thing not to do is get involved in an illegal scheme which will claim to enable you to prevent a foreclosure and the loss of your house. They are called "bailout schemes" and they generally follow the same elements.

  • You may be approached by a mortgage broker or you may contact one in response to an advertisement.

  • The broker will claim he will be able to refinance your house so you can avoid a foreclosure.

  • This will supposedly be done through a buyback (you sell your property to a straw buyer, that buyer agrees to hold the property, then sell it back to you).

  • This all sounds good until the straw buyer fails to pay the new mortgage as was agreed to.

  • As a result there will be another, second foreclosure in your name.

  • The broker steals your equity as broker fees.

  • The straw buyer disappears with the property.

  • You have no title to the property but you do have two foreclosures.

We try our best to save our clients' homes from foreclosures. Our clients either because of their own financial situation or due to improper actions by the mortgage lender find themselves in a nightmare scenario: the home they have paid hard earned money for, that they hoped to live in and raise a family in will be lost and they will be forced to find another home.

If you find yourself in this situation, organize your mortgage paperwork and any foreclosure notices or related letters you've received and contact our office. We can talk about your situation, what has lead to the foreclosure, your legal rights, your possible defenses and how we may be able to help you and your family.

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